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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

He understands... may be not

Vihaan was throwing his pencil shouting GIR ( it fell) ..., again and again. He looked at me expectantly when he was done with the set of 12 pencils.
He wanted me to pick it so that he can continue his throwing game. I picked it, gave him and said "No, no throwing Vihaan" with a serious tone. The tone made him think and he looked at his dad for support. A stern face , with other "No Vihaan" from his dad made him serious. He sat there with his head down as if he is weighing the idea of throwing the pencils again or not. It made us smile -- "He understands" we thought.

At that moment my mom entered in room and I saw a flying pencil. "No Vihaan, don't throw things" I told again with same serious tone. This time he shouted back aaaaahhhhhhhh... and then couple of more flying pencils... & I thought I can make him understand... huh

P.S: Vihaan is my 13 Months old son :)

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ambrish said...

Shikha is future chetha Bhaghat