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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bharwan Banarsi Aloo (Stuffed Banarsi Potatoes)

Preparation time: 15
Cooking time: 20
Serves: 4
For Stuffing
Aloo (Potatoes) : 12 medium sized
Paneer (Cottage cheese) : 50 gms
Hari Mirch (Green Chillis) : 2
Dhania patta (Coriander Leaves) : 2 tbsps (finely chopped)
Kismis(Raisins) : 2 tbsps
Kaju (Cashewnuts): 2 tbsps (chopped)
Salt to taste
For gravy
Hing (Asafoetida) : a pinch
Saung (Fennel seeds): 1.5 small tbsps, roasted
Zeera (Cumin seeds): 1.5 small tbsps
Haldi (Turmeric Powder): 1 small tbsps
Garam mashala : 1 small tbsp
Lal mirch (red chilli powder): 1 tbsps
Adrak (Ginger) : 1 inch (grated)
Tamatar (Tomato) : 3-4 (Puree)
Imli pani ( Tamarind pulp) : 2 small tbsps
Fresh Cream : 3-4 tbsps
Oil : 3- 4 tbsps


1. Peel the potatos and cut the upper half (1/5 or 1/6). Scoop out the middle of bigger part of potatos.
2. Mix the stuffing ingrediants (except potatos) in a bowl. Stuff the bigger part of potatos with this mix. Pack it with smaller part of potatos and with the help of toothpick
3.Heat oil in a deep frying pan and deep fry stuffed potatos.
4. In the heated oil add Asafoetida, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and ginger. Saute it for 1-2 mins. Then add tomato puree, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and garam mashala and fry it for 4-5 mins
5. Add Tamarind pulp and salt to taste.
6. Add stuffed potatos in the gravy and cook for 4-5 mins. Add fresh cream and stir it. cooked it for another 1-2 mins.
Server hot with plain rice or zeera rice.

Scoop out the middle of potatos

Stuffed potatos

Deep frying

Almost ready

Served with zeera rice and cucumber raita


Anupam said...

So, was it a solo show or a joint effort with Vishal? It looks as if it was cooked delicately n watched carefully while preparation and both of you would have taken a satisfying sigh, unknowingly, after seeing its completeness. However, It looked great, prepartion is simple and would have tasted heaven !!

I could just imagine those tempting moments when you would have had the "Bharwa Banarasi Aloo". I liked it from the first glimpse of it and felt as I should have it too. Its good that its weekend....gonna try it today..and then we would discuss this over the phone.

One great thing we can do during weekends is COOKING !!

Shikha said...

Of course a joint effort.
A simple but delicious preparation. Zenith was when papa told "its better than BQ" :)

btw did u tried it?

Prasita said...

it looks awesome..cant wait till i try it

Shobha said...

Shikha..looks great..
I'm sure I'll never try my hands on cooking such great stuff since I'm sure I'll get to munch the same at your house :-)